Doug Bouey Videos

Fixing Fractures: An Introduction

In this first video, Author Doug Bouey explains where the work behind ‘Fixing Fractures’ came from and why it’s so valuable to those it helps. It is a must-read for anyone wanting to restore a shattered relationship — in business and in life.


In this video, Author, Doug Bouey reads an excerpt from his book “Fixing Fractures,” regarding the Japanese art of kintsugi — a method of fixing a broken object by using gold to mend the cracks and focus on the beauty of the imperfect vessel.

Thicker Skin; or Thinner Skin?

I’ve worked a lot with business people, resolving divisive people-related conflicts that clog up efforts, interfere with collaboration, build antagonistic camps, and generally foul up the works. Why did I work so much with businesses? Because they have the funds for this sort of thing, and it’s where the issues are profound enough that they just have to be dealt with. In business, there is also a clear, overall aim or purpose that supersedes any interpersonal squabble.

The Slap Heard ‘Round The World

At the recent Oscars ceremonies, a worldwide TV audience watched mesmerized as Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after an insult to Smith’s wife. Two former friends were now publicly and profoundly alienated. Relationship breaks of great magnitude happen to “real people” like you and me too. I recently spoke about Fixing Fractures; Restoring Shattered Relationships in Business and Life and explained how the Resolution Protocol steps can address such breaches, can make relationships whole again and restored.

A Chat With Artist Alejandro Anaya

Alejandro Anaya and Doug Bouey talk about the creative process for developing the original artwork found in Fixing Fractures – Restoring Shattered Relationships in Business and Life.