Let Go Of The Rope.

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Do you suspect there may be something more to life, a rich existence you have never had time for? Do you think it is time to open to what you have been Promised?

Yeah, I suppose so…

What if I told you have been living your life behind a Wall which keeps that Promise hidden? What if you discover you are a slave — a well-dressed, prosperous person, yes, but a slave, nevertheless? It is our fear of not having enough as well as our fear of not having done enough that keep us in slavery. We never feel done, finished, sufficient.

What if I gave you a certificate that you have completed, with honors, this portion of your life? You have graduated, you are cleared to go on, to discover Space and Grace.

Living within the landscape of Space and Grace is compelling, exciting and, most importantly, it is accessible to you through this book.
Space – room to explore, to expand beyond the narrow confines of Work and Family, Work and Family, Work and Family. Grace – ease, freedom from striving and stricture.

In your mid-teens, you began to see that the comparatively carefree and idyllic world of school would not go on forever, and a realization crept over you. It hit right between the eyes: the central dynamic and dilemma of a developing, constructive life as a member of society.

I’ve got to make my way!

Your way to where? How? With what?

I’ve got to get a job, a profession, a career! So, I can establish myself. Make a life!

Yeah, everyone does. They’ve got to support themselves, build a future, become independent. To do that, they must reach an accommodation with the Great Machine.

Great Machine? What’s that?

You take your place at the foot of the Great Machine. At that starting point, you find, lying at your feet, a Rope. Gingerly at first, you pick it up and are “taught the ropes”. As you catch on, you grasp it with both hands and, alongside the others, are rewarded with compensation. You’ll be given enough to live, to thrive with an enticing Promise of a bit more than that if you persist. You trade that compensation for food, lodging, maybe more. Maybe you forge a lasting relationship with a partner, create a home, a family. You go on, crafting a career, or a business. And behind you? At the other end of the Rope? A whole raft – of possessions, aspirations, relationships, expectations, career – accumulates behind you in your Wagon.

At first, it is fun, pulling on the Rope, watching your Wagon fill up. It doesn’t bother you even when the Road is rough and you hit a few potholes. Then that traverse becomes just life, the way it is. Over time, the going becomes harder, heavier. You adjust to the demands, keeping yourself in shape so you can pull more, for longer. You get more efficient, smarter. But the expectations to move forward dragging the burdens of the Wagon just seems greater and greater. And the Road you’re traversing is not always smooth. Sometimes the Wagon can run away on you or get stuck in the mud.

All this takes a toll, a heavy toll. Unsurprisingly, you begin to wonder: What happened to the Promise?