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2006, 2022

Advisors! Don’t stand by, don’t assume…

June 20, 2022|Categories: Fixing Fractures|Tags: , , , , |

[This post is for those of you who are Chairs, wealth advisors, therapists, facilitators…] Advisors: don't stand by as clients/members run on the rocks of dysfunction. If they already have, don’t assume that nothing can be done to restore and rehabilitate a perfectly viable business from the wreckage of [...]

706, 2022

Train Wreck

June 7, 2022|Categories: Fixing Fractures|Tags: , , , , |

“I guess it was bound to happen, wasn’t it?” “Well, yes, but you could sense that coming a long way off, couldn’t you?” “I had some indications, but I wasn’t certain…” It drives me crazy to stand and examine a train wreck with a client, as if conducting a [...]

3005, 2022

TEC Induction

May 30, 2022|Categories: Fixing Fractures|Tags: , , , , |

In the dim days of winter 2022, TEC Canada had the courage to be one of the first organizations to host a post-Covid conference for their Chairs from across Canada. Before their closing gathering, I was honoured to be inducted as a Chair Emeritus. TEC Canada Chairs minister to [...]

2904, 2022

The Slap Heard ‘Round The World

April 29, 2022|Categories: Fixing Fractures|Tags: , , , |

Our age of media. It’s turned many into voyeurs – eager to watch the train wrecks of others unfold in their full horror… sitting on the sidelines, like spectators at a gladiatorial contest. We’re relieved from our boring routine lives by the distraction of someone else’s drama on TV [...]

402, 2022

Apologies That Work And Those That Don’t

February 4, 2022|Categories: Fixing Fractures|Tags: , , , |

Apologies are one of the Magic 5, a set of old-school tools detailed in my Fixing Fractures book. Apologies are offered during negotiation (Step 7 of the Resolution Protocol) and can have a seismic influence on the outcome of a tough talk. What works when it comes to apologies? What’s [...]

402, 2022

Your House Or My House

February 4, 2022|Categories: Fixing Fractures|Tags: , , , |

A key point made in my Fixing Fractures book is that when you understand the full context, everything makes perfect sense.  That really holds true for the frame that our home of origin puts around conflict and difference. My wife came from a home with an overbearing, frequently angry, towering [...]

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