“‘Jaunts: Mexico’ is a delightful ‘jaunt’ through some very cool Mexican cities that I was unaware of. These fun vignettes have opened my eyes to a part of Mexico I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting. Not only was the book a fun easy read, it artfully tees up philosophical questions and insights that make it much more than a travel log.

“I highly recommend this book to those who want an adventure of geography, culture and wisdom.”

Chip Webster

“This is an unsolicited plug for this delightful book. Doug conveys his experience in Mexico with wonderful immediacy and given the current lockdown this description of unplanned travel seems even more precious.”

Bill McNally

“Doug Bouey’s ‘Jaunts: Mexico People, Places, History’ is a vibrant rollicking collection of stories about Doug and his friends, ex-pats, and snowbirds, as they explore a rich selection of Mexico destinations. Doug has the eye of a historian, anthropologist, artist, and the voice of a raconteur. Doug really knows how to tell a story.

“Once you read the sweeping and infectious introduction, you will be cheering to go travelling with Doug and his friends.”

Walter G Sutton III

Jaunts: Mexico | People, Places, History, Culture

Doug doesn’t just travel – he lives, inhabits, enlivens the corners of the world you seek.

He flies, walks, drives, rides to destinations you may know, and extends out from there to make new discoveries in texture, celebrate other angles, engage new perspectives in culture, history, architecture, language, vistas, and most importantly, people. Where?

Amsterdam?  What about Den Haag,  Maastricht, or  Leuven?
Zurich?  Why not Davos, the Engadine, St. Galen?
Mexico?  Go beyond the beaches to Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Merida?
The Camino de Santiago? Connect to a profound spiritual dimension in European excursions.
Jaunts is further dedicated to celebrating Canada’s earliest [non-indigenous] explorers.
Take a run down the Columbia River, retracing the extravagant wanderings of David Thompson.
Journey across northern British Columbia following the first continent crosser – Sir Alexander MacKenzie.

From his base in western Canada, Doug has seized the day and roved out, sending back postcards composed right there, in the midst. He voyages with his faithful companion, the equally adventurous Elaine, his Camino compadre  Bob Carrothers, and/or his fellow history-explorer Wayne Biggs.