Doug Bouey was born and raised in Edmonton, a solid northern prairie city in Canada. Curious about the world, he traveled overseas at age 20 to experience life from other perspectives, before pursuing an education in the law.

In his legal career, Doug developed a penchant for connecting with unconventional clients. He worked regularly with Native peoples of western Canada, helping reveal or address injustices, prosecute claims, and pioneer future development.

Reaching mid-life, he decided to change things up and dove headlong into the then unheard of field of executive coaching. He helped bring The Executive Committee (TEC) and it’s Executive Leadership Program to Canada (now known as Vistage). As a TEC/Vistage Chair, Doug introduced coaching, peer advisory groups, and the continent’s best speakers to young Presidents of mid-market entrepreneurial companies. Building on this momentum, Doug began delivering workshops and mentoring Executive teams, helping them take their companies to new heights in the prosperous western North American economy.

In 2014 Doug was diagnosed with cancer. During his long recovery he began writing in earnest, striving to document and share his deep knowledge of the difficult twists and turns of working life and what comes after.

Today, Doug continues to write, paint, and explore the world around him. Never inactive for long, Doug delights in his life at home on the western Canadian prairie and coast, and free-wheels it in central Mexico.