Douglas R. Bouey, Author

Born and raised in Edmonton, Canada, Doug has spent his life exploring the world, helping others, and sharing his knowledge with both emerging and established corporate Executives in western North America.

Doug calls western Canada and central Mexico home, where he continues to write, paint, and explore the world around him with his extraordinary wife, Elaine.

You can connect with Doug at

The Latest From Doug

Train Wreck

June 7, 2022|Fixing Fractures|

“I guess it was bound to happen, wasn’t it?” “Well, yes, but you could sense that coming a long way off, couldn’t you?” “I had some indications, but I wasn’t certain…” It drives me [...]

TEC Induction

May 30, 2022|Fixing Fractures|

In the dim days of winter 2022, TEC Canada had the courage to be one of the first organizations to host a post-Covid conference for their Chairs from across Canada. Before their closing gathering, [...]

The Slap Heard ‘Round The World

April 29, 2022|Fixing Fractures|

Our age of media. It’s turned many into voyeurs – eager to watch the train wrecks of others unfold in their full horror… sitting on the sidelines, like spectators at a gladiatorial contest. We’re [...]

Your House Or My House

February 4, 2022|Fixing Fractures|

A key point made in my Fixing Fractures book is that when you understand the full context, everything makes perfect sense.  That really holds true for the frame that our home of origin puts around [...]